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Manuscript: Another Way - Version 1.0


Name: Manuscript: Another Way 
Genre: Visual Novel, Interactive, Adventure, Male hero, Sexy girls, Small tits, Monster, Tentacles, Students, Romance
Version: 1.0 Completed
Censorship: No
Author: Great Chicken Studio

Last updated: 2017
Language: English
Made in: Ren'Py
Size: 291 MB RAR / 366 MB UNRAR

About Game

The main protagonist of this game was ordinary (or not) college student, who had no girlfriend. Despite of that there were two girls that he likes, he hadn’t enough determination to confess one of them. He finds himself in another world full of magic and adventure by a chance and meeting girls who has pretty similar appearance to his college friends.


– A lot of different endings that reveals new aspects of the story and characters.
– Choices made by the player during the game affect relationship levels and actions with the characters.
– The greater the intimacy of the protagonist to the girls, the more effectively they fight. And vice versa, any actions of the protagonist will affect the attitude of the girls. 
– Several story arcs, that are depending of the protagonists choices.
– Original graphics.


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№ 1
10 September 2017 02:45
Make sure to save a lot and try out all the different parts as there are many possibilities with, both, Catherine and Emilyne.
№ 2
3 November 2017 12:35
I did not really like the girls, game is still OK with some battles and strategy but I did not like the hot scenes perhaps because of the girls...
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