Frequently Asked Questions. We will try to put here as much useful information as we can.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is the list of frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions use feedback form.

How to register account on this site?

Use this link to make account on You can use fake email adress, but in that case you won't be able to get mails from site and recover your password and use some site functions.

How to become an AduGames friend and download games from MEGA?

You can read this first of all. Then email us using your real email (this email must be in your account details).

Why does this file was not uploaded to..? 

Files less than 100 MB or more than 1 GB can be uploaded only to k2s or fboom. Other files have mirrors at Only promoted to Adugames friends users can download from mega, google and workupload.

How to play games you have downloaded from

First of all you should use WinRAR program and (or) 7zip software (we recommend to use only 7zip!) to unrar or un7z archives. You can try another programs, but sometimes you may get errors while extracting files. Make sure that you are using up to date version of WinRAR or 7Z.

* If you downloaded a password protected archive - use password adugames

Why I am getting an error opening archive?

First check your Internet connection and size of downloaded file(s) and total quantity of file parts. If there is only one-part archive (without .7z.001 in the end of archive name) try to reopen it with the latest 7zip software.

You need to download all (four) parts in order to open this archive! You need to download all (four) parts in order to open this archive! Check the archive size! Check the archive size!

You also can try to redownload this file from the other filehosts (we usually provide up to 3 different links).

If you are still getting the same error, email us with a screenshot of your error. We will help you!

How to request new game version?

Just leave a comment about new version (without any links) and we will add it on site.

How to request a reupload?

Use button under the post. Please tell us that links need to be reuploaded. If there is no text or just numbers\random letters or non English words we will ignore this request.

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