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Why do I need to promote my game here?

It's simple! More than 4,500 unique users visit everyday and they are downloading more than 1,000 files (this statistic covers only files downloaded from fboom or k2s, for other sources we don't have such statistics).

So if you would like more people to see your game - is the best platform!

How can I post my game here?

Simple! Email us at In your letter give us as much information about your game and we will post It asap! Example of letter:

Game name

Tags (fetishes)*


Description and changelog

Promo images (if you have specific images you want us to post, up to 6 images) and promo poster

Link to download your game

* You can add as many tags you want, but we will post only those tags that are already used on site (for example you tag you game with "Monster girls" - we will post "Monster girl": your tag "Big boobs" - adugames tag will be - "Big tits", you can find all used tags here -

** We do not post patreon or web-site links, sorry

Do you post all games?

Mostly yes, but we still can reject to post some specific games.

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