The Ten Secrets of Lust - Version 0.0.5

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3DCG, Fantasy, Monster girl, Big tits, Male protagonist, Rape, Cheating, Sci-Fi, RPGM
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11 590
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  1. Caramio
    15 April 2020 16:48
    Game starts out pretty weird and suddenly throws you into fray of action and gazzillion of new info. By info i mean parallel worlds goddesses and our role in it while travelling new world/s. Unfortunately game is a few hours long max 3 and its only chapter one which means you can only see one new world one puzzle world and all the five girls you see at the main screen or the image at the top of this page. This was my first other world kinda game which i really liked but story finishes abruptly and it sucks to imagine what happens next. It seemed like there was still more to see but nope :/
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