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New House Rules - Version 0.3


Name: New House Rules (old Incest Saga)
Genre: 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Incest, Corruption, Voyeurism, Anal, Lesbian, Exhibitionism, Group Sex, Blackmail, Oral Sex, Handjob, Seduction
Version: 0.3
Censorship: No
Author: Yksok
Last updated: 6 February 2018
Language: English
Made in: Unity
Size: 141 MB 7Z / 349 MB UN7Z

About game

It's a turn based game which action takes place in a family home of the protagonist. You play as a guy named Aiden, who lives with his mother and two sisters. The story begins as you come home early and find your father banging your aunt. After catching them, your aunt manages to convince you to omit her involvement in exchange for some unnamed favor in the future. And so you - Aiden tell your mother - Karen how you saw your dad fucking some woman that you don't know, in your house. This event leads to your mother leaving her husband and getting the house during the divorce. From now on the four of you live alone, leaving you the only male in the house. Little content, a proof of concept at this point.

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№ 1
3 November 2017 07:55
please a uploaded link :D
№ 2
6 November 2017 19:58
Nothing much to do yet, but it's a decent setup. Currently, there's no character interaction when you see someone in a room, other than the initial story beginning.

To the creator, looks like you're on the right track for starting your game. In case you hadn't noticed, you ought to remove the redundant rooms when you click to the side to view more rooms. Some rooms show up multiple times.
№ 3
11 November 2017 03:30
ok its a nice start took me a minute to figure out what was happening. first as it is pretty early in development i imagine the developer is gonna add more but for now there's only about a couple things you can do after the first scene where you catch your aunt and dad and make your choices you go forward in time a couple months and start the main game in the beginning you can peek on the three women close to night and when you get up after you get your peeking done you should just skip time till the weekends towards noon or 1 you get to talk to the aunt after a couple of these you'll need to talk to mom and as for money you cant ask for max so ask for 50 and then from then on keep cleaning the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom and finally the kitchen repeatedly until you can buy the dress then wait till the weekend and talk to the aunt and shell tell you next update and thats all i found so far hoped that helped

i havent had the multiple room happen the only thing i see happen is when i click on a room it just resets the navigation bar but yeah i agree it is kinda annoying lol
№ 4
28 January 2018 03:22
cant see much, hope that the next development is good..
№ 5
10 February 2018 00:31
Heroes in appearance, I liked, and their environment, if not pass, is not bad.
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