Survivor Sarah 2 - Version 0.592

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  1. Valium
    30 January 2018 21:12
    I love this one. There's a bug (no pun intended) after you're seeded by the mutant flies, at times. If you just wake up to find you're seeded, no problem. However, if you go home, and it cuts to you giving birth, you visit Gina, wait three days, and are supposed to give birth again, black screen. No birthing scene as you should have. Even though you can't see anything, you can select your bed again to sleep another night, but it doesn't do any good. If you sleep until night, you get to see a normal evening view. Game stopper for me after retrieving the statue. Anyway, I hope you can figure it out, and fix it soon because you have more content in this version that I can't get to without going a few hours back in playtime, and I'd end up likely at the same bug playing back through.
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