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About AduGames friends user group / How to become AG friend?

From December 24 2018 there will be new AduGames friends politics on the site. There is a simple way to get this privileges:
  • your account must be registered for at least more than a month before applying date
  • you must have a stable online
  • you must have at least 20 comments*

* New from 7 October 2018. Please understand, that 20 comments is not just a number in your profile. Some users had to write more than that to be accepted to AduGames friends group. First of all we want quality not quantiti. So stop spaming same comments.

The application is submitted to [email protected]. Subject of the letter should be "Application YOUR NAME for joining the group" and nothing should be in the text. The letter should be sent from your real email (and be the same as email in your account).

The application may be refused if there are no meaningful comments among all your comments. Therefore do not use the same links used before in your or other comments, do not write that you "downloaded the game" and you "liked it" or not. We will not count such comments, as well as technical comments (game "work" or "does not work"). So what will we count? Comments with the release date of new game version, comments with new version changelog (if this was not published by us), comments with links to the walkthrough and advice (if this links were not published earlier and if they do not violate site rules), detailed comments about the game, important notes about technical issues of game launching, walkthrough, information about cheats and tips.**

** New from 7 October 2018. Examples (real examples from of comments you still can leave on site but they won't be counted when you are applying to AduGames friends group:
this is a good game tums upp
It's time to be a hero! ...and f*ck a girls)
Great game, just wish there was more
I really enjoy this one.
expect the next version
This type of comments are just your activity status updates for us, they are telling us that you have stable online.
Examples (real examples from of comments we count when you are applying to AduGames friends group:
walktrough Version 0.26 Beta 1
This walkthrough was not published earlier on site.
The story, idea and images of this game seem to have potential and are quite nice so far, the execution however is pretty poor as far as I'm concerned.
- The engine is slow and clunky. This game would be way better in ren'py. Especially the super slow skip function combined with the trial and error gameplay
- The choices you can make often seem irrelevant (or are irrelevant?), don't really portrait the answer actually given and it's also often really unclear how and why choices effect scenes. This completely removes the goal of actual choices in games and makes it into a trial and error game.
- The percentages are confusing. Is there 1 optimal path? Are other paths bad (because you have to score less than 100% for those?). What is the goal of the percentage after each chapter?
Overall I like reading/experiencing the story and scenes. The engine however is just plain bad and I dislike pretty much all of the gameplay mechanics and/or the implementation thereof.
Detailed comment about game
Corruptionv1.15 for$20+patrons:October 6th
Corruptionv1.15 for$10+patrons:October 9th
Corruptionv1.15 for$5+patrons:October 16th
Corruptionv1.15 for$1+patrons:October 23th + Announcement of next release date
New version release date
Milfy City 0.4b has been released
It's true. We forgot to update game, so it's really useful reminder from user!

Loss of privileges is possible for:
- absence on the site for more than 14 days
Restoration in privileges is made at the request of the administration. Requests send to [email protected] in free form.