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  1. Kamal hossain
    AduGames friend
    6 February 2021 05:56
    Well I played it just now.
    What I said in my previous comment is a bit changeable. Because after playing I think the story is good. And I previously told that the visuals are good. But the game is small and ends with only two chapters.

    The three main female characters are aunt and her two daughters and my uncle is a bit bad at first of this game. The the younger daughter of my aunt is also a problem you will get that after playing this game.

    Chapter 1: first night you go on a party with you elder cousin and then some senses appear. after that you got caught red handed to you r uncle because the younger cousin told everything about the party to your uncle. And your younger cousin told everything you get to know that in chapter2. After that your uncle as a punishment takes you to a small apartment to live there for an unknown amount of time.

    Chapter 2: In chapter two you see that your aunt is not happy with your uncle and they are going to divorce. Obviously great opportunity to play on your aunt. ant the story ends just like this.

    Previously I thought the story was average but it is quite interesting for its twists.
    And no complain about the visuals but the game is too small and there is not a single walkthrough for this game.
  2. Harbinger
    AduGames friend
    15 January 2021 17:04
    Yeah, there isn't much new here, but for whatever reason, I found it very enjoyable. There's a lot that could be better done too, but I still like it. Sort of like how Taco Bell will never beat a great steak dinner (except after the Fast Food Wars in the future), but sometimes you just want some crappy tacos. I look forward to more of this, pretty eagerly too if I must admit it.
  3. Kamal hossain
    AduGames friend
    5 January 2021 03:39
    The story is not really interesting but the visuals looks promissing.
    Maybe should give this game a try.
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