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Snake Valley


Name: Snake Valley
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Female Protagonist, Cheating, Group Sex, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Corruption, Bukkake, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Simulator, Lesbian, Prostitution, Multiple Endings
Version: ???
Censorship: No
Author: Lesson of Passion
Last updated: 2017
Language: English
Made in: Unity
Size: 263 MB 7Z / 360 MB UN7Z

About game

The West is only as wild as the people who live in it. Blistering heat, itchy trigger fingers and sand crawling into every crevice of your body… paradise much? But in every paradise, there are vultures called outlaws who try to get their hands on anything shiny. Jack Shepard was an outlaw… or so he claimed. Play as Jack and experience living in the saddle, gunfights and constant struggle for survival with our first western game ever. We’ve combined RPG game with combat and stat building together with arousing dating sim elements – spiced with the hottest sex scenes even performed on this side of Missisipi.

Extract files to Local Disk (C: )

Known Issues:
-Game is not saved if you close the browser.

Download links
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  1. empty_slate
    № 1
    19 January 2018 16:52
    Seems to get stuck at the initial "loading game" 0/47. Anyone have a similar problem and found a fix? (Its on the local disk (c:) before anyone asks)
  2. Guest alteon
    № 2
    20 January 2018 08:16
    Same here. Tried running it as admin, updated Pale Moon, tried opening other files within it's directory, nothing seems to work.
  3. dogrex
    № 3
    20 January 2018 22:14
    I lovedthis game
  4. Jay
    № 4
    21 January 2018 07:52
    Same Problem here.. it's buggy
  5. xitosape
    № 5
    23 January 2018 20:13
    The same problem happens to me, but to be "the first version" you can not demand much
  6. Adam Scott
    № 6
    8 February 2018 21:12
    Ugggh yes you can demand much, I will spend some time to see if I can decode the thing and fix its faulty code script that prevents it from loading. The rest of the game structure and content look fine.
  7. Kavin
    № 7
    13 March 2018 13:08
    Problem: Seems to get stuck at the initial "loading game" 0/47. Anyone have a similar problem and found a fix? (Its on the local disk (c:) before anyone asks)
    Solution: Just open index.html file inside bin folder in mozilla Firefox. It can be found by search option in windows.
  8. Robotuxin
    № 8
    23 May 2018 06:57
    I found a fixed version on another site. I don't know what they did to fix things. This is a decent game with some nice mechanics that get you into the RPG aspect. It's probably a bit better than Bounty Hunter in that respect. Overall, it was a good amount of fun. The endings are OK, but I wish there was more.
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