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SSSS: Super Secret Sexy Spy


Name: SSSS: Super Secret Sexy Spy
Genre: Parody, ADV, Multiple Endings, Male Protagonish, Tsundere
Version: Completed
Censorship: No
Author: Devil-seal and Softhouse-Seal

Last updated: 2013
Language: English

Voice: Japanese
Made in: Others
Size: 679 MB ZIP / 785 MB UNZIP

About Game

My name is Iiyama Hunt. I'm an intelligence operative for the secret agency known as the Federal Association of Pussy Protective Services. What is FAPPS, you ask? Well, if you don't mind me being blunt, it's a pretty long story to tell empty-handed. Master, get my pal here a cold glass of milk, and a vodka martini for me. Shaken, not stirred. Oh yes. FAPPS is a secret organization that collects information and research on impregnations, uterine conditions, and sex crimes around the world, and if necessary, employs direct action to bring things under control. I'm a legendary operative in the organization, with a 100% mission success rate. They call me the Come Insider. Lousy name, I know, but I'm a soldier of justice, granted a special License to Sex to perform intercourse at my own discretion while undertaking my missions. Some people think it's ridiculous, but this ridiculous organization has to exist, to protect womb peace.This world is so rotten!


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№ 1
7 August 2017 10:41
A few years old now. all the ingrediants of a standard Japanese visual novel complete with 45 degrees angled pictures and several routes decision based. good story writing and several objects of desire will have you soon filling the gallery. once that is done however, there is little reason to return other than wonder why the obsession with turning all the damn pics 45 degrees.
№ 2
19 February 2018 11:55
this game is nice and have a good story.
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