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  1. pockets28
    Site veteran
    1 мая 2021 10:00
  2. Virustrap83
    Regular user
    15 февраля 2021 10:06
    This game got updated version 0.13.0 part 2 a update would be very nice
  3. heyxd
    Site veteran
    1 февраля 2021 11:12
    This game got a new verion (0.13 part 1) a update would be nice
  4. heyxd
    Site veteran
    26 января 2021 11:47
    (For the newest version)
    This is a very good game, probably the first ever horror game ive ever played because i dont usually go well with horror, it has a really strong pull on you, maybe its the anime tiddies idk. It kind of reminds me of spec ops the line, where it makes you question your moral as the player except this one is way more intense. its really fun tho dispite being kinda borning grinding the affection through the same dialogue everytime. 9/10 thanks for giving me nightmares and boners at the same time
  5. heyxd
    Site veteran
    22 января 2021 10:11
    Best adult game i'll played so far!
  6. TrulyDemented1
    AduGames friend
    18 марта 2020 10:09
    Alright, I really enjoyed this one. The writing is absolutely fantastic and the humor, while a little dark in some places, is friggin hilarious! Another one that had me laughing out loud on several occasions. Definitely worth the time to play through it. While there is plenty of story there, it's pretty light on "naughty stuff." Though, there is definitely potential! It even has a little bit of hidden content. Extremely weird hidden content. LOL

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