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  1. calin500
    AduGames friend
    24 November 2020 09:36
    Very interesting plot, but damn this is not a game for a quick one XD
  2. Hazeti
    Site veteran
    27 January 2020 13:39
    The author takes a LOT of inspiration from vampire the masquerade and by lot i mean it's very close to plagiarism lol BUT so far so good.Let's hope the story has a cohesive conclusion unlike their last game which was good but that rushed ending soured it a bit
  3. TrulyDemented1
    AduGames friend
    20 January 2020 00:10
    Wow. What an opening!! Pretty big fan of this dev due to his/her previous game, Life with Mary. I'm always skeptical when it comes to vampire games as the lore is usually either completely ignored or "twilighted" somehow. I've got to say, I'm impressed with this one!! Beautiful renders, exceptional story and incredibly well written. Definitely looking forward to more of this one!!
  4. kiran
    AduGames friend
    16 December 2019 10:00
    I didn't know what to expect from this one but the previous game by the author "Life with Mary" was excellent..This story is about modern day Vampires and again the depth of the writing and character relations is excellent.I'm not really into Vampire stories but as I progressed through the story accompanied by the somber background music it has..I found myself captivated.I spent over 2 hours just to reach the current end..So far the best eye candy was a dangerous blonde named Astrid but it's the story that makes this special.
  5. Valium
    AduGames friend
    10 December 2019 21:03
    Interesting story so far.
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