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Deep Space Waifu: FLAT JUSTICE


Name: Deep Space Waifu: FLAT JUSTICE
Genre: 2DCG, Combat, Cosplay, Fantasy, Monster girl, Sci-fi, Shooter, Superpowers, Japanese, Humor, Harem
Version: Completed
Censorship: No
Author: Neko Climax Studios

Last updated: ----
Made in: Unity
Size: 193 MB 7Z / 906 MB UN7Z

About game

This is a stand alone EXPANSION following the events after DEEP SPACE WAIFU – ACADEMY DLC. The theme now is FLAT GIRLS. This is a simple SUPER CASUAL shmmup meant to be played even with one-hand.
FLAT IS JUSTICE!! You are a member of the F.L.A.T. FABULOUS LAW APPLICATION TASKFORCE of the METROLOLITAN POLICE. It’s up to you save the poor babe-ilicious beauties from the corrupted alien police threat!

How to patch game
  1. Go to your \Deep Space Waifu Flat Justice\Deep Space Waifu Flat Justice_Data
  2. Create a new txt file and rename to "nude.patch"
  3. Do NOT use the .txt or ANY other extension - there should not be any excepy .patch!!!
  4. You need restart the game to apply the changes.

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