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Virt-A-Mate - Version 1.3 Premium


Name: My New Life (VR adult game)
Genre: 3D Game, Multiple Protagonist
Version: 1.3 Premium
Censorship: No
AuthorMeshed VR

Last updated: 15 December 2017

Language: English

Made in: Others

Size: 2,14 GB 7Z / 7,81 GB UN7Z 

About game

Virt-A-Mate, an adults-only virtual reality sex simulator.​ Premium Codes: "E40281".


* free - limited content
* $2 - all content (characters, objects, morphs, clothing)
* $4 - all content + ability to load community created scenes + bonus scenes
* $8 - all content + ability to create new scenes and animations

System updates:
* Unity version update
* SteamVR version update
* OVR utils update

New Content/Objects:
* 6 new built-in scenes, most featuring motion-captured animations
* $4/$8 - 3 bonus scenes
* male character enabled!
* Added 1 new toy object to play with! Many thanks to Patron MagillaGorilla for providing this model! More coming in next release!
* 20 new morphs for female character
* clothing - new underwear set
* hair - 2 new female hair options - bald and ponytail

New Features:
* $4 add ability to load community created scenes (was already in $8)
* $8 Motion Animator
* Using new Animation menu on the main HUD, you can animate controllers using your head and/or controllers and record the motion. The motions will save with the scene.
* Added arm mode for selecting which controllers will be recorded.
* Added layered recording. Record whole scene animation by using several passes, a joint or two at a time. Further passes can auto-stop record at end of timeline to avoid overrun of layered capture.
* Added loop mode
* Added Start/Stop trim feature for cutting out captured motions
* added new GrabPoint object - this object can make a joint to another object to allow remote grabbing
* example - put a GrabPoint on each hip of a character and attach the GrabPoint to the pelvis joint. Now there are 3 points you can grab the pelvis from instead of just the interior one
* this is most useful when possessing a 2nd character and you cannot grab the internal point easily due to hand colliders getting in the way
* Will also be useful for real-life "accessories" where you want to attach the controller to a specific point not directly on the joint
* added head collider - allows interaction with head and prevents some of the clip through - toggleable in User Preferences "Other Prefs" tab
* create new default scene and make it embedded scene object so file does not need to be included as side file
* added save/load preset for characters for all backer levels - can save poses and appearance in single file
* added possess mode - when possess mode is enabled and head or controllers move into position of possess-enabled targets - these controls will 'jump' to the controller and auto-link to them.
* Possess mode will extend to support Vive trackers in future release for up to 6 point possession
* added atom icons to make it easier to find objects in the scene
* added full save/load preset buttons to save pose and appearance at same time
* benchmark scenes added - just launch with "CPU Benchmark", "GPU Benchmark", or "Baseline Benchmark" shortcut

* adjusted quality levels to not be as high of requirements for High and Ultra
* when adding new objects, they now default to having collision on - was able to enable this by adjusting max rigidbody velocities
* adjusted max rigidbody depenetration velocity to prevent major physics glitching when turning on something that is deeply overlapping another object.
* improved initialization of soft vertices and auto colliders so character is more stable on enable
* store soft vertices adjustments correctly in save json
* genital area soft body physics adjustments to reduce clipping and other artifacts
* Joint tuning:
* tweaked jaw joint to not rotate laterally when head is turned at limit to prevent odd looking result
* tweaked neck joint to be less stiff by default and head joint to be more stiff by default - makes neck bend a little more when manipulating head
* fix hand bend and other deformations of hands that look unnatural
* doubled off-axis finger joint strenght to minimize side wobble
* tuned leg joints for more natural low-resistance movement - doubled joint hold spring but lowered max force to give a more consistent resitance across entire range of movement
* changed animation pattern to also save substeps in preset save
* disabled thumbsticks for UI control (slider, popups)
* disabled Vive thumbpad UI manipulation
* disabled joint name popups when UI is hidden and that option is enabled
* added option to hide motion controller balls when UI is hidden
* main window screen now has more clear message about putting VR headset on
* after pushing start, the button and other UI elements will disappear so it is more obvious it worked. model will fade out as main scene then loads

Bug fixes:
* fixed launch from Oculus home causing issues (seems like Unity and OVR version update has addressed this)
* fixed skin materials not restoring properly in some cases
* fixed exploding character when character is disabled, moved, and the re-enabled - large change in positions without pausing the simulations was causing this
* fixed not being able to add animation steps after linking
* fixed select object from scene issues
* fixed atom selection popups not updating correctly when loading scene or using select from scene button
* fixed dust/halo options for light not saving in scene file
* fixed on load - objects that linked to other atoms in some way were not showing linkage correctly in UI
* fixed missing laser pointers on start screen
* fixed keyfile issue with keys entered with lowercase letter
* fixed colliders on RelectiveSlate and ReflectiveWoodPanel
* fixed Glute Mass paramter not hooked correctlyup in play mode UI

Performance improvements (roughly 10% improvement CPU and 5% improvement GPU over release 1.0):
* GPU - Shadow system - optimized shader code a bit more
* CPU - enabled threading on mesh merger
* CPU - additional skin optimization to avoid extra memory copy of vertex arrays

Download links
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  1. 6DarkRaven9
    № 1
    15 December 2017 07:12
    Um I'm so confused what do I do? I entered the code but I can't do anything else and I do not have a headset.
  2. 6DarkRaven9
    № 2
    15 December 2017 07:15
    Oh for **** sake a VR only thing?! Pff! Not wasting $400+ for Rule 34.
    № 3
    15 December 2017 07:22
    Vive or Rift with Touch Controllers required for this game!
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