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Dreams of Desire - Episode 9 1.0 Elite + HotFix + Walkthrough


Name: Dreams of Desire
Genre: Visual Novel, Interactive, Animation, Sexy Girls, Big Tits, Big Ass, Milf, Erotic Content, Titsjob, Footjob, Family Sex, Mother-Son, Brother-Sister, Voyeur, Corruption, Mind Control, Hypnosis
Version: Episode 9 Version 1.0 Elite + Walkthrough + HotfixThe latest game version is Episode 10 Version 1.0.0 Fixed!
Censorship: No
Author: Lewdlab
Last updated: 30 Novermber 2017
Language: English
Made in: Ren'Py

Size compressed version: 641 MB 7Z / 747 MB UN7Z

Size UNcompressed version: 2,59 GB 7Z / 2,93 GB UN7Z

About Game

You play as the middle sibling of a family living together with Mom, an older and a younger Sister, and a military Father.As the summer holiday is coming to an end, things are looking grim for our hero, his Dad coming home soon to take him to the military school he was once a student of. Our hero however, has other ideas. He never wanted to be a soldier. As things start to look inevitable, he stumbles upon an old book about the ways of the mind. With the help of newfound knowledge he can change the course of his life. But how will he do it?

PS: You'll probably have to start a new game, keep that in mind.


-This fixes Jenna's alt outfit not showing up during the normal scenes.

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Download link for HOTFIX
№ 1
30 November 2017 10:21
Fantastic game!!! the only flaw is that I finish every update in 15 minutes, though original and spectacular graphics ...... good!
№ 2
30 November 2017 11:10
In case someone want to restore prevoius hmm... "relationship" between characters - find files z.rpc and z.rpcy in game file/game. And delete them. In my case it helps.
№ 3
1 December 2017 00:51
Is it just me but why does it say Landlady for the mother's name?
№ 4
1 December 2017 17:52

Thanks 4 the advice,was gonna pass on this version after I saw family replaced with Landlady,roommate and other tenants !
Just not the same after spending so much time in the original version.
Apparently "Patreon" thinks people are being corrupted by these games. confounded
The file names were actually z.rpy and z.rpyc and they were the last 2 files in the game folder.
№ 5
1 December 2017 21:56
Patreon is making all writers and game makers change anything with incest out or they will ban them. SO names will change but we all know
№ 6
24 December 2017 06:51
I wanted to ask is this the download link for all episode or i have to download it one by one ?
№ 7
24 December 2017 09:20
zimzan, all in one
№ 8
6 January 2018 10:19
THANK YOU! I was looking for how to do this!
№ 9
20 January 2018 12:18
What a good episode of this game
№ 10
26 January 2018 06:12
Very high quality game, like in the real world!
№ 11
2 March 2018 11:35
Is the link here for episode 1-10 along with the special...?or not....can someone please help..?
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