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Dual Family - Version 0.99 CE


Name: Dual Family 
Genre: 3DCG, Multiple Protagonist, Male Protagonist, MILF, Voyeurism, Incest, Oral Sex, Groping, Seduction
Version: 0.99 Custom Edition + Walkthrough
Censorship: No
Author: Gumdrop Games
Last updated: 4 April 2018
Language: English

Made in: Ren'Py
Size: 774 MB 7Z / 891 MB UN7Z

About game

Dual Family is a first person adult visual novel/life simulation that allows you to choose the man you want you be – but more importantly – the woman you want to love. Choose to be either the Father or Son – experiencing two separate and unique stories from two different perspectives! Each character selection contains exclusive scenes and dialogue you will only experience in their respective campaign. The two campaigns complement one another, each providing unique story exposition and scenarios to explore from different perspectives.

The Story:
A wife and husband can no longer stand each other – for more reasons they care to claim for. With their past love crushed and family seemingly splitting at the seams, an exhausted wife and mother seeks sexual validation. A faultless sister and daughter begins her inevitable sexual awakening. Choose your role as Father or Son and witness two perspectives of one family falling to pieces, grasping for any possible signs of love in their descent.


Mom morning after segment (Dick & Ass)
Mom shower spying segment (Full frontal, multiple profiles)
Mom masturbation segment ( Full frontal, multiple profiles)
Cousin drunk segment (Upskirt peek)
Escape & dinner segments (Ties in father canon)
Mystery visitor at night segment

Daughter dream segment (Bare ass, back, chest)
Niece + Daughter kitchen segment (Intro Karen)
Optional exposition segment (Room searching)
Niece + Daughter bedroom segment (Daughter nudity)
Surprise shower visitor segment (Full frontal, multiple profiles)
Dinner & night segments (Story lead)


  • Added 2 gallery and 2 secret puzzles to find and complete
  • Fixed some facial post-work errors in S campaign
  • Deleted the few unused images from game archive
  • Added 4 new CE character clothing for profiles & character cards!
Secret items to look out for:
  • A Bottle
  • A Button

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№ 1
12 November 2017 04:52

wait this story so long~~!
№ 2
12 November 2017 11:41
I love this storyline because in this I get to play a grown man unlike some of the games where it's a small boy that most girls would spit on but if they made the young boys look like more manly it would be better
№ 3
15 November 2017 16:17
Good game can't wait to see what the new update brings
№ 4
17 November 2017 00:23
act 1 part 7 has been released
№ 5
20 November 2017 10:18
Father's Route Secrets Location:
note: only 1 hidden secret per Act /part

Prologue : Switch(Left side>> b4 you choose your choices)
Act1p1: Cup(Daughter's convo click b4 choosing any choices)
Act1p2: TV(Movie night with Daughter)
Act1p3: Mannequin Head(b4 you enter in the dressing room w/Daughter dnt skip or your gonna miss it )
Act1p4: Digital CAM(while peeping with Daughter and Niece click it first b4 choise's)
Act1p5: Pillow(Dreaming with Daughter were you choose *accept/refuse Behind the first pillow right side)
Act1p6: Umbrella(In the beginning where MC and Niece got arrive first in the Beach)
Act1p7: Grass(Upper Right corner when you apply lotion with the D)

Son's Route Secret Location:

Prologue: Basket-ball (b4 Mom enters the room)
Act1p1: Chandler Light bulb (While hidden behind the chair while peeping Mom Changing in her room)
Act1p2: Moon (this route if you ignore Cousin text invitation party)
Act1p3: Metal weighing (Left side when Mom is doing stretching)
Act1p4: Head Lamp (Left side near the Cellphone and Digital-Alarm-Clock while talking to Mom in your bed Morning)
Act1p5: Blue Vase (When you woke up and standing at Auntie's House)
Act1p6: Mantle*Flower-Design (When you choose to stay and left your sister :rolleyes:)
Act1p7: Shampoo(when you enter the bathroom at night)
Well I dont have the Act1p7 cuz it is only available in *custom edition only :noexpression:

Additional for the Gallery Selction - DESERTION(dont approach niece) and FORETOUGHT(choose cash and buy the outfit of mother)
№ 6
30 November 2017 11:47
I love the story, conflict, character in this game, finally the update is coming
bob mc
№ 7
15 December 2017 16:01
are all the parts in this version because i have seen act 1 part 1 and act 1 part 2 up to like 7 or something are all the parts in this version or what ??????????
№ 8
22 December 2017 01:28
I F'n love you for that! LOL! I'd found most of them but was missing I think 4. You are the bomb!!

As for the game, I love the addition that when starting a new game it allows you to skip forward but allows you to make the choices that will affect everything later on. The story is frickin amazeballs. However.... I was really hoping for a continuation from the "a text? who?" grrrr.. LOL> But, as I've mentioned before, patience is NOT a virtue of mine! Great update, thanks again ADUGAMER!!!
№ 9
25 December 2017 05:19
I like the 2 route idea, Very interesting
№ 10
27 December 2017 03:56
Act 1 part 8 is released
№ 11
30 December 2017 04:26
can't wait for play this game!!!
Thank you ADUGAMER,
№ 12
5 January 2018 09:39
This is really good. I love how the story gets a strong grounding. The next chapters of this story will be interesting. I hope the son gets a bit more attention from the author. It seems he is the character that gets to develop relationships the least.
№ 13
19 January 2018 21:37
Just downloaded it, the prob here is the puzzle (either secret or gallery), some pict just doesn't make sense, like act I prolog son, the angle of the photo tho, we dont know wether it'll horizontal nor vertical kind of pict
№ 14
28 January 2018 13:45
some information or information about the date for the next version, I would be very grateful
№ 15
9 February 2018 20:02
This is awesome game. ever!
№ 16
24 February 2018 13:17
I love this game, can't wait the next update
Mr Tieso
№ 17
25 February 2018 02:31
the main character is fucking sexy

stay quiet boner kun
№ 18
31 March 2018 09:35
I love you <3
№ 19
1 April 2018 14:35
I Need help i cant download the game windows cant fine it
№ 20
4 April 2018 09:12
i love this game very much
№ 21
10 May 2018 14:16
nice game, so education for sex lol
№ 22
19 May 2018 03:20
This game is getting better and better. :)
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