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Deviant Desires - Version 0.3


Name: Deviant Desires
Genre: Visual novel, 3DCG, Corruption, Domination, Incest, Male protagonist, Milf, Romance, Voyeurism
Version: 0.3
Censorship: No
Author: PingPanda

Last updated: 25 February 2018
Language: English
Made in: Ren'Py
Size: 856 MB 7Z / 937 MB UN7Z 

About Game

This is a rework of Family Matters.



Below is a list of what's been changed/added in Alpha 3. I really didn't keep a list like I probably should have so may miss something's off here
  • 1 ) Scenes - There's been a total of 7 new scenes added, was supposed to be 8 but it needed a rework so will add it into Alpha 4
  • 2 ) Intro Rework - I'm considering Alpha 3 to be the start of the FM integration, as such, I redid the intro to match more to FM's style.
  • 3 ) Fast Travel - Not total without it's flaws, but it seems to work fine, if you do come across any errors with it, let me know =]
  • 4 ) Spelling/Grammar - Had quite a few issues with spelling, but should all be sorted now.
There are currently 4 known bugs, but they're not major and can wait for the next update rather than wasting more time and delaying the release.
  • 1 ) Younger Sister Kitchen - While talking to younger sister in the kitchen after school, there is supposed to be 2 dialogues, the initial one where she explains the dealio, then another that has diferent dialogue where she acts like it isn't the first time asking, however, for some reason the 2nd dialogue won't start so she's stuck repeating herself, as this isn't a major issue & I'll be working on that in the next update anyway I figured to leave it.
  • 2 ) Younger Sister Kitchen...Again - In the kitchen talking to her again, you'll notice the background is different to the normal kitchen, that'll be updated in the next release.
  • 3 ) Shower Boner - You'll notice when in the shower, if you choose to ignore, he'll go soft but then spring back to life, so to speak :p that'll also be updated in the next release.
  • 4 ) Aunt/Mom Walking - You'll notice in a scene where Mom & Aunt are walking away, there backs are kinda dark and not well lit, that'll be fixed in the next release.
The reason I can't fix a majority of these errors now is because I'm unable to use paperspace until March as my bill is to high for me to continue anything this month.

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