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Sisterly Lust - Version 0.6 Bonus + Walkthrough


Name: Sisterly Lust
Genre: Incest, Anal, Lesbian, Corruption, Voyeurism, Masturbation, MILF, Group Sex, BDSM
Version: 0.6 Bonus + Walkthrough
Censorship: No
Author: Perverteer
Last updated: 17 February 2018

Language: English

Made in: Ren'Py
Size: 460 MB 7Z / 551 MB UN7Z

About game

Until recently you've lived in a different part of the country with your father. Your parents divorced when you were very little and the family was ripped apart after a fierce custody battle. Your mother took her three daughters home, while your father moved away with you. You haven't seen your family since and any attempts at communication were very much discouraged by your father.

But now, everything has changed after his sudden death. During your fathers funeral you were approached by a woman you instantly recognized as your mother. She asked if you would be willing to go home with her, meet your sisters and be a family again.

You hesitantly said yes...


IMPORTANT: Several users reported a problem with saves and the statistics of Liza, Bella, Rachel and Mrs. Smith resetting in the latest version. I’ve tracked down the problem and this version should fix it (along with some minor stuff). Only new games and saves made with the 0.4 release are permanently reset, anything saved with v0.33 and below is unaffected by the bug.

So if you want to restore your statistics you’ll have to replay from a v0.33 save or start fresh game. Be aware that saves from v0.4 will not work in v0.41. Very sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Implemented Day 11 and 12
  • Added statistics screen showing corruption and trust points for the main characters
  • Minor fix to Extra Scenes button grid
  • Day 10: Fixed incorrect render during Discreet visit
  • Day 05: Fixed missing render
  • Day 09: Added variable to check if you slept in Rachel's bed on Day 08

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№ 1
15 January 2018 06:18
im abit confused,days 7 and 8 were in the last update .041 and so i couldnt get this one to start where .041 ended and didnt really want to start over . so i tried to move the saves file and the txt log file from the last ver. and played the days 7 and 8 again . and it still didnt move on . just stops to be continued . any ideas or did i miss something .and this is not an update but simply a duplicate ??? any way just thought id put that out there . thnx guys . M.
№ 2
15 January 2018 11:25
As the changelog says it had a bug so you will have to use an old save or start fresh. Bugs will happen so most of the time a fresh start is best.
№ 3
16 January 2018 01:29
well i took your advise and started from the start. and same result .. no new content so my assessment is the only thing that was added was the bug fix. with out giving away any spoiler alerts if anyone has any scenes beyond the last where Rachel and TMC just got in bed .... and poof end .. then im doing something wrong... cause ive now lived that scene 4x lol like ground hog day ..thnx guys ,..M.
№ 4
19 January 2018 06:01
ok just an up date . on my posts that is . this is that one that i was waiting for. so its got new content and has a few surprises . very nice .story just gets better and better .
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