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So here are we now guys… Almost three month has come from opening. Now we have strong community, huge games collection and everyday updates! So let us speak about our progress, reaches goals and future plans as usual we do each month.

First of all, the numbers, my favorite part. Now we have more than 2 000 users visit site every day, more than 11 000 page views and this numbers are rising! We have reached my personal goal, more than 1 000 accounts registered on the site! Great news everyone! This is a huge success for this site! As for other numbers, we have reached new goal, our web site Alexa rank is now 370 431! It is cool and without your help we would never ever reached this goal!


We have improved our antispam protection. Now we use google reCAPTCHA (thanks for your emails and PMs about old captcha problems). It is really simple and cool. Guest users will have to use it while leaving comments and during registration you will have to answer one simple question. For other registered users reCAPTCHA switched off. We also found and translated all missing strings into English on site pages (thanks again). We also fixed problems with lostpassword lost emails, but if you still have not get one (or got some in other language) email us!

We are trying to make our site better, so this month and the other one we will upgrade some futures to improve site speed and stability (although we moved to VPS we already got some stability problems with lots of users online…).

AduGames moved to twitter, we got our twitter account (in the bottom of the site there is a twitter button) ! And I will be glad to see you there so you follow us! I will try to post most of new games there, now only some content posted into this account.

Also soon we will release some new cool features on site and the other new categories! In total in our plans to open two new categories this month!

And now I would like to present new AduGames friend politics… Now users will have their privilege for each their action on site and for all this actions in common. There is no need to spam comments, write long opinions and repost some information from official sources… To gain privileges users need:

- Post useful comments, help another users in solving technical problems with games, walkthrough problems and other

- Post useful information about game: new versions changelogs (if there is no any posted), come hints and game advises and other information (from next update date to new content coming)

- Share articles via social buttons, follow us in official social accounts (if you are following us in twitter, put your twitter account link into your profile in twitter account field and the same to another social accounts)

- Inform site administration about mistakes in site work (email me or use PM for this) or in articles (use for this button Complain)

- Get comments rating from the rest of community for really useful comments (useful one will have green background, bad one – red). More green comments you have – more chances to become an AduGames friend and get access to MEGA links and free download! But if you will have only red comments you will have read only mark, so think before posting as usual! Also, I want to ask the rest part of comminute, especial other AduGames friend users – help us to make our community stronger, post comments too, share games via social buttons and follow us in social networks too!


All this will help you to become an AduGames friend! If you think that you are ready – email me or write PM, I will check your contribution in! This part will be in the site rules, so please don’t spam in comments.

So that’s all for today! Thank you all for your help! Your team!

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  1. toyhot
    2 March 2018 08:17
    ddong is dirty
  2. David
    18 August 2017 13:24
  3. bad
    10 August 2017 01:37
    Hello admin, do you guys considering to add Tora's games here?
    they have a lot of completed game (great game)
    - Meeting Keeley
    - Getting to Know Christine
    - Life with Keeley
    - Coffee for Keisha
    - Dreaming with Elsa
    - Redemption for Jessika
    - Finding Miranda
  4. xxx1990xxx
    7 August 2017 15:05
    first i would like to thank you for your hard work, second i think there should be a section for full games, as games that have been fully released, since most games here are in there early stage, or that is at least my opinion, anyway thanks for the hard work and good luck in getting even bigger
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