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Hello Adugames users. Here is some good and not so good news for you...

Let's start from really good news! We are still online! And will be here in next 2018 year! As you all know soon will be lots of winter holidays and we will have to take some rest too. Because most of game developers will be on their vacations site won't be updated from December 31 till January 3 (and next days too if there won't be any updates from the developers).

From our last post in this mini-blog our site has grown up! Now our audience more than 4 000 users every day and 35,000 views! Excellent! We are still entering the top 100 000 sites (Alexa rating) although this number have been moving up and down lately.

As for bad news, we will have to close MEGA uploads... Yes yes it's sad. Of course premium users still will be able to use fast way to download games, but we have not yet decided wich site we will choose (if you know good one write here in comments)... Until the end of this year we will choose the best option for both upload and download speed.

In December, we were able to make site load even faster so now access to our site should not be a problem.

We also changed the security policy of our resource. Now each user has a limited number of attempts to enter the password during login and if not correct, access to the account will be blocked for a very long time (more than an hour). We done this because of unsuccessful attempts to hack our site. We have already figured out bad guys. Now we are thinking how to punish them. Unfortunately, we can not close this hole now (although at this moment site can not be hacked with this hole). If you have problems with accessing your account write to us e-mail and we will solve everything asap!

For the next year we have a lot of plans, but about that later!

Your AduGames.com team!
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  1. ChaosTigger
    AduGames friend
    14 July 2018 05:50
    You're doing a great job! Thanks a lot for all your efforts!
  2. anicraft
    24 December 2017 16:05
    I seriously have no whatsoever experience in uploading, but I like to use these to download if there is no mega available. Sorry, I have absolutely no clue about copyrights or useragreements aswell. I know they offer similar stuff though and have decent loading speed. Guess I still left you with the hard part...
    Hope that helped at least a little bit...

  3. lauralee93
    21 December 2017 16:56
    Dear AduGames Team and every user here :D Thanks for making this site possible. I hope y'all have nice holidays and recharge your energy for 2018 :) Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
  4. SkyViux
    AduGames friend
    21 December 2017 05:20
    You guys could try using Torrent , since there are many users per day , seeds won’t be a problem
  5. 6DarkRaven9
    AduGames friend
    20 December 2017 09:05
    "I don't want to live on this planet anymore."
  6. cost
    20 December 2017 04:06
  7. TrulyDemented1
    AduGames friend
    19 December 2017 21:58
    I'm happy to hear that Adugames is growing!! That's awesome! Ya'll do some fine work and deserve to move up the rankings.

    I'll admit, I'm saddened by the news that we'll lose access to Mega, but I do understand. I'll be researching alternatives in the meantime!
  8. vampire
    19 December 2017 21:16
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