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№ 46
5 October 2018 23:25

Personal Trainer - Version 0.55

"Daisy was talking about something important being on TV tonight..." I've tried watching TV with Sophie (News). Can't ask Daisy about it (kinda hard when her mouth is full...)

Am i missing something?
№ 45
3 October 2018 21:28

Sugar County - Version 0.25

So far the game is pretty comfortable and fun to play, mom is sure sporting hell of a rack and it's a little bit absurd, but not that much to be a problem.

Always nice to see pleasant for an eye faces instead of your typical animu girls with clearly oversized eyes, although Sam's face feels a bit out of place, compared to the others and she has barely visible abs, which is a goddamn shame. While I expected her to be a strong girl, I was hoping to see something more than that, but oh well...

The whole phone system is a nice idea, but the travel menu should be more accessible, rather than phone>click travel button>click destination button.
I have no fucking idea, how hard is it to make doors clickable, but it just would be much nicer to have it that way.

Yeah, it's another incest game, which will probably include some grind and whatever, but it's still fun to play.
Most certainly hyped.

I take my words back about abs... Them sneaky abs appeared on the beach. Hooray!
№ 44
2 October 2018 05:38

Family Matters - Episode 1-8

Everyone is speaking about a computer in the wharehouse, but where is it ? I've played the game 2 times to see if I missed it, but I just can't find it, the only computer is in the end with the neighbour and doesn't require a password. I feel like I've missed half the game
№ 43
2 October 2018 05:34

Vampire Hunter T - Version 0.1.5

The demo ends when the Mayor tells you to go fuck yourself, right? I can't find anything new after that.

Great game though! The art is awesome, plus even the main character looks a derpy way. Hahaha.
№ 42
2 October 2018 05:31

Where the Heart is - Episode 16

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
File "game/Episode7.rpy", line 92, in script
if M6Date == 3:
File "game/Episode7.rpy", line 92, in <module>
if M6Date == 3:
NameError: name 'M6Date' is not defined

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
File "game/Episode7.rpy", line 92, in script
if M6Date == 3:
File "E:\z-_-z\WhereTheHeartIs-Ep7-pc\renpy\", line 1729, in execute
if renpy.python.py_eval(condition):
File "E:\z-_-z\WhereTheHeartIs-Ep7-pc\renpy\", line 1919, in py_eval
return py_eval_bytecode(code, globals, locals)
File "E:\z-_-z\WhereTheHeartIs-Ep7-pc\renpy\", line 1912, in py_eval_bytecode
return eval(bytecode, globals, locals)
File "game/Episode7.rpy", line 92, in <module>
if M6Date == 3:
NameError: name 'M6Date' is not defined
№ 41
2 October 2018 05:28

Agent of Heels: Misadventures Of Agent Romanov - Version 0.15

Is this just me or following path leads to no new scenes:
have some fun -> finish what I started -> regain control -> recover in the air

You get a scene with cat girl at the night, and that's it. No way to advance the story.
№ 40
30 September 2018 16:36

The Twist - Version 0.37 Final Cracked

walktrough Version 0.26 Beta 1

432. Depois de terminar a entrega dos documentos da sobrinha de Emma (394-396 passos). Espere uma semana e vá para a casa de Emma. A sobrinha de Emma, ​​Kendra, aparecerá. Você receberá 5 pontos com ela.
433. Vá ao hospital, espere por Kendra, "pergunte sobre a informação de nascimento".
434. Vá ao parque às 17: 00+ ou fim de semana e conheça Kendra lendo um livro. Fale com ela.
435. Volte para o hospital e "pergunte sobre a informação birht" novamente.
436. Ir para o parque falar Kendra. Jason vai aprender que Kendra está procurando pelo livro.
437. Vá para o quarto de Julia. Clique nas prateleiras e pegue o livro.
438. Vá para o parque e encontre Kendra e dê-lhe um livro.
439. Vá ao hospital falar com Kendra, ela dirá que não falará sobre arquivos nesta atualização do jogo. A progressão continuará nas atualizações futuras.
440. Na terça-feira, quando John não estiver em casa, vá para a sala de estar e pegue Emma e Janice lá. * Nota * A progressão de Rachel deve ser completada até 407 passos, a cena Threesome de Emma e Janice deve ser completada.
* Notificação * Depois dessa cena, Janice ficará brava até completar a cena toda.
441. À noite escolha "Fique no quarto". Jason vai ver que Janice está vindo para mais bebidas e folhas.
* Notificação * A partir de agora, esta cena será repetida. Há uma chance de acordar e ouvir o barulho vindo da sala de estar.
442. À noite, em seguida, você ouve o barulho da sala de estar, vá verificá-lo. Certifique-se de ter pelo menos 4 VitaminX
443. Esgueirar-se para o gabinete. * Observe * dê uma olhada na cor das bebidas que eles estão bebendo e depois de esgueirar-se com sucesso, escolha a mesma garrafa que suas bebidas.
444. Adicione 4 VitamineX. Aprecie a cena. Após a cena, você receberá +10 de energia total.
* Notificação * em cena anal, se você optar por usar lubrificante, você receberá +1 suave / áspera (Janice, Rachel apenas). Se você optar por não usar lubrificante, obterá -1 resultado suave / difícil.
* Animação secreta * Se você escolher fazer cenas de sexo nesta ordem: "Janice anal com lubrificante -> Emma anal com lubrificante -> Rachel anal com lubrificante -> Emma anal", você terá uma animação secreta pervertida.
445. Vá até a farmácia às 22:00. Você verá uma recepcionista saindo.
446. No dia seguinte, volte à loja às 20:00.
447. No dia seguinte, volte ao stora às 19:00 e escolha se esconder.
* Notificação * para repetir a cena chegar à loja às 20:00 e entrar.
448. * caminho do Billy * Ir para o seu lugar, bater na porta e convidá-lo para a praia. Desta vez, Janice pedirá a Billy para sair.
449. * O caminho de Billy * no dia seguinte convida Billy novamente para a praia. Verifique se você tem mais de 430 pontos com Janice. Desta vez, você terá a opção de pedir a Janice para deixar Billy assistir.
450. * O caminho de Billy * no dia seguinte convida Billy novamente para a praia. Verifique se você tem mais de 480 pontos com Janice. Desta vez, Janice dará um handjob para Billy.
№ 39
30 September 2018 16:32

Magical Girl Molly - Day 10

i dont understand why the dev doesn't move to rpgm, now with his first game done he could learn rpgm, as its not that hard to learn. rpgvx is limited in resolution and i think we all want at least 720p. sure we can still play it but its a pity.
№ 38
30 September 2018 16:29

Riley's Magic Swap - Version 0.7

in lilac city got the update and found one mission. something about a farm. go there and nothing to do but run around and talk to 3 npc and cant leave the area. clicked the barn said u can break lock but how ?
№ 37
30 September 2018 16:28

Outcast - Chapter 1 - Version 1.0

OK I found 1 gallery bonus by....


№ 36
30 September 2018 16:19

Lab Rats 2 - Version 0.26.1

Anyone know how i can either automatically or quickly transfer serum from stock to sale? Cant be bothered to transfer a hundred doses 1 per click.
Production Department -> Do something > Review production settings:
Change the number for Auto-sell Threshold to anything but "none". Then every produced serum will automatically be transferred to the marketing department, after the treshold is reached.
№ 35
30 September 2018 16:17

Alansya Chronicles: Fleeting Iris - Version 0.97.2

In version 0.88 I can't get into 24/7 store in Apartment Area (there is an error every time and the game closes) and get groceries for a quest which makes progression impossible. Can't recommend a game like that, the most buggy RPG maker game I've encountered so far. All 24/7 stores give me that error.
№ 34
30 September 2018 16:14

Decisions Made - Version 0.1a

Tem um erro
Desculpe, mas ocorreu uma exceção não capturada.

№ 33
30 September 2018 16:10

Torrid Tales - Version 0.6.2

What does the meter on the top right mean?
The moral meter indicates which ending you're going to see it does not affect how any one person in the story behaves (the aliens have caused this). It works like this 20 positive point will get you the uncorrupt/nice ending while 20 negative points get the very corrupt/evil ending, while anything in between those gets the normal ending. the different ending versions do not start their split from the main story till after chapter 5
№ 32
30 September 2018 16:08

High-Rise Climb - Version 0.71b

Current "Opportunities" button is absolutely useless. In the changelog it says there are new Bailey scenes, but it doesn't show me how to trigger them. This section definitely needs a rework, it doesn't work properly at all. I feel like I get most events out of pure luck
№ 31
30 September 2018 16:04

Waifu Academy - Version 0.7.1a

PSA: first day of the v0.5 content, after school:

Make sure to do subway station -> downtown -> Honey Bee -> Zabatsu corp -> park in this order (later scenes play out automatically, but some are skipped if you don't go by the above order). If you went to the park immediately you'd completely miss the train groping scene with Elizabeth and any city content.

Also, completely unrelated, Asuka's scene at the end was one of the highlights of the game #howtotreattsundereright
№ 30
30 September 2018 16:02

Succulence - Version 1.43

I looked at the collection room. -2 School Fair Scenes(giving Jenny schoolgirl outfit at video game club) -6 Tutoring Scenes(Black suit without pantys) -2 Train Scenes(different path-early and sleeping- whit revealing suit)
№ 29
29 September 2018 23:23

My New Life - Version 2.1 + Extras Jack's Life

After stealing Sasha's cards and finishing the tournament, when I visit Charles, I get a scene with Sasha and Max nude and the screen freezes p. Also when I put the aphrodisiac in Sara's food, I get a blank black screen when I go to sleep that is also frozen .
№ 28
29 September 2018 23:15

Witch Hunter - Version 0.7.1

Console Commands = X = X
mood = elion_nastr = 10
confidence = elion_doverie = 10
spoiled = elion_sporch = 10
reputation = elion_rep = 10
№ 27
29 September 2018 14:57

Red Swallow - Version 0.0.035

I got this trying to use the bed after a few game days and cant proceed:

№ 26
29 September 2018 14:50

Nano-control - Version 0.28b

Okay...playing the 0.11d version, first playthrough.

Focused on Elaine and she's Lv.3 while everyone else is 0.

I can't see the plan for Elaine's Lv.4--I click on it and nothing happens. Game doesn't freeze, crash or malfunction, but nothing pops up. Not implemented in this version or a bug?

Can't get her to strip in the store even after Lv.3 quest is complete and she's calling me master.
--That said, she still calls me Jacob most of the time and her chat lines show very little change (what did change was good).

Can't find the public use tent. Trying to have sex with her while she's a follower says 'Not Implemented'.

Happy Cat just spouts a bunch of random, looks-like-Spanish whatever and buggers off. Wtf?

My aim for this first playthrough is to focus on the character with the most development, so I chose Elaine. Did I choose wrong?

In any case, please tell me about her Lv.4.
№ 25
29 September 2018 14:46

Devilish Business - Version 0.57

I like the changes you've made so far, the point systems seems much better, I'm not getting 200+ points. I noticed that I have to go back and figure out the hidden stat/Points for the companion trigger, but that's half the fun!
I noticed that payout from 'dad' vary quite a bit($5-$25), maybe level that out some?
I have another suggestion, make the selfies for the phone, use current art, just crop them to busts or heads.
You should send the player back to the club when you finish a job for dad before you talk to him.
№ 24
29 September 2018 14:43

Lust Town - Version Alpha

Before it get asked, the code for money with the console is : Inventario_dinero = 100000 (seems to be the max, or maybe 999999). Have fun kissing_heart
№ 23
29 September 2018 14:41

Eye of the Storm - Chapter 1-12 wasnt as messed up as last update..i sort of have half an idea whats happening..the family from "deliverance/under the stairs" is horny and wants to rape everyone and are using the storm to do so..HAHAAA..still a WTF game..but not as confusing as about 11.7%
№ 22
29 September 2018 14:39

Devin's Life - Version 2020-3-28

Most scenes are in the recall room you can reach via the computer in Devins room.
№ 21
28 September 2018 19:23

The Tyrant - Version 0.9.1 + compressed

If people are having trouble with Cassandra's NTR event in the basement, it triggered for me at 5pm. I don't know if it's a typo in the changelog or a glitch, but there you have it.
№ 20
28 September 2018 19:21

Death Star Trainer - Version 0.12.56

Don't know if this is a issue that's already been discussed or if I just don goofed, so sorry in advance if that's the case, but there is a bug where the devices and/or the bounty hunters don't register yet they appear when talking to the engineering officer and shows up in the top menu bar that displays how many bounty hunters and girls you have. This is happening pretty early on in the game, so I haven't even progressed past 5 minutes of the game.
№ 19
28 September 2018 14:17

Dream Therapy - Version 1.0.1

The story, idea and images of this game seem to have potential and are quite nice so far, the execution however is pretty poor as far as I'm concerned.

- The engine is slow and clunky. This game would be way better in ren'py. Especially the super slow skip function combined with the trial and error gameplay
- The choices you can make often seem irrelevant (or are irrelevant?), don't really portrait the answer actually given and it's also often really unclear how and why choices effect scenes. This completely removes the goal of actual choices in games and makes it into a trial and error game.
- The percentages are confusing. Is there 1 optimal path? Are other paths bad (because you have to score less than 100% for those?). What is the goal of the percentage after each chapter?

Overall I like reading/experiencing the story and scenes. The engine however is just plain bad and I dislike pretty much all of the gameplay mechanics and/or the implementation thereof.
№ 18
28 September 2018 19:28

Apartment 69 - Version 0.01.1

Why include all the clicking around different areas? you can only do 1 think at a time and you seem to have to do it in the same order. I'd prefer not to have to click around to all the places to find where I need to go next or check every location all the time to see if there is something I'm missing. Just make it a Visual Novel.
№ 17
28 September 2018 13:50

GreenVille - Chapter 4

Oddly enough, the thing that bothers me the most is that every text box starts with "[Name] Said:". Not only do you not need the word "Said" but it also doesn't need to be capitalized.
№ 16
28 September 2018 00:55

Behind the Dune - Version 2.20 (free)

Help me, I'm stuck in the part just after the castle invasion, I'm working for several days to get money and I still have not seen progress!

Sexual scenes you could miss are in pink
The comments are available, if I forgot something

BOOK1: Discover Arrakis
Jessica boobjob at saying “I can handle it”.
Talk to the Reverend Mother.
-Take the ornithopter and go to the village. The smuggler will add a sietch to your map.
Watch her boobs and pussy.
-In that sietch, the Fremen will accept to work with you at a point. So she show a new sietch.
Touche 10x her red button.
-In this new sietch, when the lady accept to work for you, it unlocks sietch Ergsun.
-Talk to Harah to, soon, have the first Vision of Leto+Jessica sexing.
-The vision happens. Talk about it to a Bene Gesserit (Jessica or the Reverend Mother) so it unlocks what is next.
-Stilgar waits for you at the entrance of palace. Let him meet Leto.
-Habbanya sietch is now unlock. Meet the fremen there. That unlocks, for the moment, the palace attack.
-Go to the palace and solve the attack. The secret passage opens by clicking the right lamp of library.

BOOK2: Become a Fremen leader
-You will end up at sietch Tabr. Time to become a Fremen. Stilgar tells you to meet Chani or Harah to ask her as concubine. Then go back to him to choose a Fremen name.
Sex with Harah and Chani possible.
Handjob of Khaira when Stilgar is not around.
-Now you are a accepted, become a Messiah buy talking to Lady Jessica until you have "I'd like to be a Fremen leader". So you will do the spiceorgy.
-If you go meet the smuggler, you'll see the Guild navigator waits for Stilgar. Let them meet and ask for "special equipment". So you can buy a ghola... you need 20t of spice to buy it.
ADVICE: if you did well, with harvesting, you can speed time on the lower left part of the map.
-Buy Duncan or Leto and let him meet lady Jessica. The discussion will remind the ghola where the atomic bombs are. Go check the sietch he added to your sietch.
Talk to Jessica about the Voice and you’ll have blowjob with all the Fremen Leader. Butt sex with the dreadlocks one.
-Now you can ask Stilgar or any Fremen leader to "fight the Harkonnens".
-Go to the palace, enjoy the attack.
Princess Irulan on the way.
-It's finished until now.
№ 15
27 September 2018 23:20

Corruption - Version 1.85 Fixed + compressed

The release of the new version was supposed to happen this week, does anyone know what happened?
№ 14
27 September 2018 23:19

The Void Club - Version 0.3

There is a future, the problem is that the developers do to generate profits and more profits on that, and responding to the face of the comment from above, is waiting for a friend, because it takes a couple of years for the game to be full
№ 13
27 September 2018 23:13

The Library Story - Version 0.95 Part 1

My dream, fuck all the princesses that exist ... And finally my dream came true kkkk
№ 12
27 September 2018 23:12

Valiant Warrior Astrid - Version 0.5.2

This style RPG only gets good with 2D art in my opinion, because with 3D art they look very artificial things!
№ 11
27 September 2018 23:10

Lab Rats 2 - Version 0.26.1

The question is, does it have to destroy a game that by the way was very good with a continuation of it ?? the answer? yes, this one !!
№ 10
27 September 2018 23:08

Life Of Kiki - Version 0.03 Preview

The developer could leave the option of multiple characters, because there are those who do not like being a fucking minx in game!
№ 9
27 September 2018 23:02

Tangled up - Version 11

Has the mother ever appeared in the game? If yes, do you already have sex with her ???
№ 8
27 September 2018 13:46

School of Lust - Version 0.4.3b

Guys, I'm desperate, I refused the old man's quest in my mother's room, did I miss something?
№ 7
27 September 2018 13:45

Lust Epidemic - Version 1.0

It is not possible that I have not had a sex scene so far with my mother, and I'm still stuck in the game, nor did the message that the game ended appear yet !!! rage
№ 6
27 September 2018 13:41

Plump City - Version 0.7

This game has won me, chubby characters .... bora with one hand on the mouse and the other on the ... stuck_out_tongue
№ 5
27 September 2018 13:39

Ways of Life - Version 0.5.8a

At least, for being imitation of Big Brother, have to have sex scenes !!!
№ 4
27 September 2018 13:37

Warp - Version 0.8

What a great game! hardcore style with NTR ... I love it more .. already waiting for the next version kkk
№ 3
27 September 2018 13:35

Illuminati - The Game - Version 0.5.1a

The art is very old, well that the developer could upgrade this art mechanic!
№ 2
27 September 2018 13:31

Parental Love - Version 0.17

I can not remember the last time I played this kkk game already contains some sex scene with the daughters!
№ 1
27 September 2018 13:25

Love is Black - Version

if anyone has a step by step to give a force I thank you!