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Visiting Aunt Sara - Walkthrough


Here is walkthrough for adult game Visiting Aunt Sara. Game can be downloaded here for free.

Card #1: Outside the Fence Left Side Plain View.
Card #2: Synthia’s Bedroom Left Hand Side Just Above the Dressers.
Card #3: in Plant Left of Stool in Kitchen.
Card #4: Zack’s Bedroom Leftside Above the Headboard.
Card #5: to the Right of the Beehive Outside the Fence.
Card #6: Aunt Sara’s Bathroom, Left Side Between the Plant and Sink.(got to Repair All of the Hot Tub Issues to Get This Card Last.)
Card #7: Below Hot Tub Pump Just Above the Tree.
Card #8: Right Hand Plant in Sitting Area, Up the Stairs.

1 Coin: Living room Under Vases/jars to the Right of the Clock.
1 Coin: Left Hand Plant in Sitting Area, Up the Stairs.
1 Coin: Front Yard, One Step Right of Lamppost Then 4 Steps Up.
1 Coin: Could Not Find the 4th Coin. Looked Ever Where.

Wedding Ring (metal Detector) Backyard in Front of Left Hand Big Tree
Paul’s Lockbox Combination- 3,8,7

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  1. jumlajuba
    № 1
    11 June 2017 18:37
    kind a strange start but i like cont.
  2. Johan
    № 2
    3 July 2019 09:08
    the 4 coin you get wen aunt Sara is comming naked out of her room wen you put her cloth in de machine, you don't talk to her but walked straight to her bathroom. there's a box with the 4 coin.
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