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Venture Seas - Version 03.03.2018


Name: Venture Seas
Genre: Visual novel, 2DCG, Animation, Futanari, Card Based Combat, Fantasy, Monsters
Version: 03.03.2018
Censorship: No
Author: Switch

Last updated: 3 March 2018
Language: English
Made in: Java
Size: 178 MB 7Z / 183 MB UN7Z

About game

Venture Seas is an erotic adventure game with a player driven story, unique gameplay systems and plenty of adult content. The story will be largely driven by player decisions, with each story and conversation scene presented as a dynamic Visual Novel.

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3 March 2018 11:00

New main story scenes leading to the end of Chapter 2
New animated sex scene with Vinthal x Gull (gay anal)
New dungeon scenes for the mid - end Ruined Alcazar zones
Kings last stand - palace history, return for tier 2 loot (but risk naga ambush!)
Botanical Garden - Chance to discover some tier 2 vegetables or fruit.
Ignacy Artwork Update
Ignacy ‘dating’ progression scene
New animated sex scene with Ignacy ‘topping’ player (anal + vaginal)
New system to pay coin for player appearance changes (with preview)
Kharish Stylist - Change hairstyle
Nyaura Blacksmith - Change beard style at (if masculine faced)
Tattooist (Face Tattoo, Sclera Color)
Nyaura Alchemist - Beautician (Eyeshadow, lip color, nail color)
Nyaura Shady - Body Hair Stylist (body hair, pubic hair)

Azure Oasis now provides local Watu human whores
Added a new achievement - Singular King
Added new items:
[Freshwater Beet], [Dune Pepper],[Gilded Longsword]
Artwork for [Ancient Coin],[Rustic Trinket],[Kings Crown],[Queen’s Scepter]
Adjusted pricing of all food items
Added additional voice type for male and female
Changed Tiana, Vinthal, Kari and Mehande voices
New audio files for male sex moans
All new audio files for female sex moans
Voice pitch can now be changed for each character
Some new animated BGs (to go along with the new main story scenes)
Two new songs and new ambience loops to be used in scenes
Several new scripts and text parser call options to be used by scene spreadsheets

Bugs / Issue Fixes
Fixed (hopefully) crash bug related to old save files and new dungeon zones
Added code to validate ship crew leaders, in case of issues from outdated save
Automatically adds Aurelia to crew as leader, if you have no leaders
Prevents duplicate crew members
Fixed broken main story quest progression (Sorry I missed this issue earlier)
Fixed player ship not moving to new dungeon location on map on entry during story
Fixed crash when loading a specific naga combat scene
Fixed crashing ‘Dark Pit’ scene in Ruined Alcazar dungeon
Fixed crash which could happen when dismissing whores
Fixed crash caused by scenes before dungeon miniboss
Fixed bug where ship would dock at wrong location on map when entering dungeon
Whore’s no longer generate with double eyepatch
Fixed some text issues in lore books and scenes
Gender now properly set and called via text parser for crew members
Reworded some text within the combat tutorial
Fixed issue where character name plates would should debug text
Added code to prevent whore capture when brothel at capacity (8)
Fixed issue where [Silk Waistcloth] was missing an item icon
Fixed some whore EXP issues (where it would go negative)
Deck Builder now checks and loads active deck file automatically on open
Whores will no longer get repeated traits
If already saved with duplicate traits, whore traits will be shuffled
Fixed height issues on some characters in scenes
Fixed alignment issues with animated BG elements (e.g. candle flames out of place)
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6 March 2018 15:48
Is it still being updated or is this the final version?
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