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Portals of Pheroeon - Version 0.6.2


Name: Portals of Pheroeon
Genre: Monster Girls, Futanari, Rape, BDSM, Text-based
Version: 0.6.2
Censorship: No
Author: Syvaron

Last updated: 16 March 2018
Language: English
Made in: Unity
Size: 86,2 MB 7Z / 519 MB UN7Z 

About game

Maincharacter is currently a female(or futa) human (still not quite sure about that. Maybe she will be a unique species that cannot be found anywhere else, making hybrids between her and anything else also unique). There will be a lot of base species (currently only 7 (Centaur, Harpy, Angel, Succubus, Mermaid, Plant, Lavagirl)) and all possible combinations as hybrids as your characterpool to recruit from/ breed. Npcs will mostly be variants of those species or completely unique ones.


- A lot of bug fixes
- some balance changes
- Added choice of gods' power: Evolution or Creation, granting different abilities to your maincharacter. Evolution is like previous versions. Creation allows you to create characters rather than transforming into them. Genes etc. in upgrades dont affect the maincharacter but all created ones. The maincharacter behaves like any other character regarding levelups. (No new unique special summons for creation yet, only Tentacles for now)(Some decriptions dont fit)
- earn baseSkillpoints for every species with Creation by leveling the maincharacter
- Both gain a starting skill. Creation has more mana
- leveling specialforms with evolution increases stats for all other forms
- Control over portals starts at 100% for evolution and slowly decreases
- Control affects chance of random encounters for creation and the kind of random encounters for evolution (chance of encounters with creations' summons which dont drop anything and cant be recruited).
- Starting equipment based on profession
- some new homeupgrades (and repeatable structures' cost increases slower)
- Size of summons scale with users magicstrength ( 0, 3, 5, 10)
- preferences/dislikes for sexaction are restricted to actually possible ones for that character

Download link

скачать dle 12.0
№ 1
10 January 2018 14:37
is ther x32 Version
№ 2
10 January 2018 15:10
unknown552, found only this one
№ 3
9 February 2018 23:28
I like how this game is progressing, it's really promising.
№ 4
10 February 2018 00:12
For the first time I play a game with such themes, I thought it would be awful, and it turned out even great, it became one of my favorite games of such a "genre"
№ 5
11 February 2018 02:10
what is (t.o.d.o) means
№ 6
11 February 2018 05:19
unknown552, To Do...
№ 7
12 February 2018 17:06
How is this game??
№ 8
20 February 2018 23:42
Очень понравился стилистика этой игры, можно играть и наслаждаться

I really liked the style of this game, you can play and enjoy
№ 9
26 February 2018 17:16
love these types of games
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