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Occultus - Version 0.37


Name: Occultus
Genre: Incest, Hypnosis, Corruption, Voyeurism
Version: 0.37
Censorship: No
Author: BC

Last updated: 29 October 2017
Language: English
Made in: Ren'Py
Size: 155 MB 7Z / 216 MB UN7Z

About game

Occultus is an adult visual novel about vampires, cults and the debauched lifestyles of the wealthy elite of a small town called Moroburg. You will play as a young man who after meeting his estranged Aunt when looking for work and it's through her you will discover the weird and wonderful dark underbelly of your home town.


- U.I Improvements (work in progress)
- Lucy Date scene added
- Beginning of Lucy story paths, see walkthrough for more info.
- Fixed a couple of bugs


- Make any choice you feel like, there are no long lasting ramifications currently.
Chapter 1:
- Take every opportunity to practice your pussy licking skills with Pam in the evenings until you trigger a special scene.
- Show Keres what you've learned.
- When you see the option, ask Keres some questions about Vampires.
- Ask her about teaching you to unlock the suit.
- Buy the suit from the Mall in the mornings
- You should now see the Keres date option in the evening.
- After Vampire transformation continue to work out with Lucy in the mornings

- WARNING: Your choices on the Lucy date will set her on one of three paths:
INDEPENDENCE: By choosing to let her leave you will start the Lucy independence path where you may help her to get on with her life without you. 
WARNING: Potential for NTR scenes on the path.
ROMANCE: By confessing your love for Lucy you start the romance path.
SUBMISSION: By making her say she loves you, you start the submission path where you will dominate Lucy. WARNING: BDSM on this path.
You can't back out of these paths but each one will eventually provide multiple outcomes, subpaths and unique scenes.

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